1. Commissions are for personal use only. Send me professional and commercial offers by email.
  2. If I am not comfortable with your request, I may refuse to do the commission. You will obviously not be charged in that case.
  3. Finished pieces will be posted on my website and social media, please inform me if you would rather keep yours private.
  4. I will send you previews for each phase (sketch, lineart,colors), except for sketches and icons.
  5. I ask for payment after the sketch has been accepted, or before starting to work in the case of sketch and icon commissions.
  6. A 50% refund is possible up until the lineart phase (included).
  7. Refunds are not available for sketches and icons.
  8. Payments can be made through either Stripe or Paypal. Other means of payment can be discussed as well.

Will Draw

Fictional characters & pairings, real people (SFW only), R18

Won't Draw

Gore, complex backgrounds, complex machinery, anything that requires me to copy someone else's style.