1. Unless specified otherwise, commissions are for the client's personal use only.
  2. I am under no obligation to accept your request.
  3. Finished pieces will be posted on my website and social media, please inform me if you would rather keep yours private.
  4. I will send you previews for each phase (sketch, lineart,colors), except for sketches and icons.
  5. I ask for payment after the sketch has been accepted, or before starting to work in the case of sketch and icon commissions.
  6. A 50% refund is possible up until the lineart phase (included), except for sketches and icons which are unrefundable.
  7. Payments are made through Arty, which allows you to pay using either Paypal or a Credit card. That said, I'm open to using other means of payment as well.


Fully shaded Flat colors Sketch Chibi
Bust 20€ 15€ 10€ 5€
Halfbody 40€ 30€ 20€ 10€
Fullbody 60€ 50€ 30€ 15€

Note : every additional character costs half the price (e.g : for a fully shaded halfbody of two characters, the first will cost 40€, while the second will only cost 20€).

Will Draw

Fictional characters & pairings, real people (SFW only), NSFW (including violent and erotic works)

Won't Draw

Explicit gore, complex backgrounds & machinery, someone else's style.